What We Do


Our purpose is to make disciples who passionately love God, love others, and impact the culture around them for Jesus Christ. This will happen as we intentionally connect, grow, and serve.


We endeavor to connect with God:

  • Through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Through worship, both corporate and personal.

We endeavor to connect with people:

  • Through God – centered, authentic relationships within the church.
  • By building relational bridges to non-believers in order to win them to Christ.


We are committed to long term spiritual growth:

  • Through Bible study and prayer.
  • By being in honest, accountable relationships with other believers.
  • Through identifying and walking in our graces and calls to ministry.


We serve God by serving one another: at home, in the church, as well as in our local and global communities:

  • By meeting people’s practical needs.
  • By meeting people’s spiritual needs.