Sunday Morning – What to Expect

Perhaps the word “church” brings back memories of getting dressed up to just be bored.  Perhaps “church,” in your mind, is going to a building once a week to stare at the back of someone’s head for an hour. At Covenant Family Church we desire to be more exciting than this!  We look forward to time to connect with God and connect with others who will encourage us in our walk with God.  Sunday morning service is one avenue that provides this.

What will the environment be like?

Looking for current and contemporary worship? We have that. We offer practical teaching that is relevant to your everyday life. We want you to grow in your relationship with Jesus, not feel like you are being slowly put to sleep.

What does the pastor talk about?

Our messages offer Biblical truths in a practical way.  We believe God wants to be a part of your everyday life, so our messages are geared to help you live God’s way wherever you are and in whatever you do.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want!  Dress in whatever makes you comfortable.  Most people come dressed casually.

How long do Sunday services last?

We begin at 10am and are usually ending around 11:30am.

What about my kids?

Bring them! Our 4Kidz program serves children from newborn through the fifth grade.  The 4Kidz nursery offers childcare from the time you get here until the service is over and is geared for infants through three years old.  The 4Kidz children’s church serves children who are 4 years old through the 5th grade and begins when the worship part of the service is over and ends about the same time as when the adult service ends.