Looking for a way to better connect with the CFC family? Serving is a great place to start! We offer lots of different areas with lots of different opportunities. If any of the below entries pique your interest, feel free to contact us at 507-345-1586 or e-mail to get more info or sign up for a team.

First 7

This is our greeting team that believes a first time visitor will decide within the first seven minutes of entering a church if they will return. We strive to make those seven minutes a memorable, friendly, and welcoming experience. If you like meeting and talking with people and have an outgoing personality, this could be a great fit for you.

First 7

Media Team

If you enjoy working with technology, specifically audio and visual equipment, joining the media team might be right up your alley! Whether its helping run the sound board during service, or helping with music slides and videos, the role of media in our church is always vital.

Sound Team


We believe that one of our most important callings is to raise Godly children and it is with that value in mind that we created our 4Kidz team. As a member of the 4Kidz team, you will assist in sharing a lesson plan with the kids, answer questions, and help with arts, crafts, and snack time! *Please note that there is additional training for this team and a mandatory background check.


Serving comes in many forms. Allowing parents a little time to focus on the service in front of them is the goal of our nursery team. Supervising, playing, and learning all part of the responsibilities involved and it is definitely a rewarding experience! *Please note that there is additional training for this team and a mandatory back round check.


Building Maintenance Team

We are  called to be good stewards of all that God has given us and our maintenance team is awesome at doing just that! If you consider yourself handy around the house and have some experience with building upkeep and maintenance, ask about joining this important team!

Cleaning Team

The cleaning team are often the unsung heroes of many churches. We always try go out of our way to show our appreciation for this team. Keeping a big building like ours clean is no easy task, but this group has no problem handling it and have fun in the process! This group is a good fit for anyone who wants to connect more with other church family members while serving.