We believe baptism is an important step for every person who has put their faith in Jesus by asking him to be the forgiver of their sins and lord of their life. The purpose of this page is to explain our view of baptism and the process of being baptized at Covenant Family Church. It is an honor to walk with you as you take this next step on your spiritual journey. If you have any questions, just ask!

Who Should Be Baptized?

We believe the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ’s death on the cross paid the full price for our sin. We believe Jesus’ resurrection showed His victory over the power of sin and death. Therefore, forgiveness of sin and our salvation occur only when a person places his or her faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus as the sufficient payment for his or her sin. A Christ-follower, then, is one who is trusting in or depending upon the work of Jesus alone for his or her salvation.
If you have believed in Jesus, by asking him to be the forgiver of your sins and the lord of your life, then you are a Christ-follower and ready to be baptized! Your baptism is your opportunity to show others you are now a follower of Jesus Christ!

What Does Baptism Mean?

We believe baptism publicly illustrates what has already taken place in a person’s heart when they put their faith in Jesus. It is a way of showing others you have entered into a relationship with Him. It’s important to understand that baptism does not “save” you. You are “saved” only by faith in Jesus. Baptism is a demonstration that you already are “saved” and are a follower of Christ. It tells the world you have:

  • Trusted Jesus Christ as your forgiver and leader.
  • Publicly declared you are a follower of Jesus.
  • Identified with Jesus in His death and resurrection, illustrated by going under the water (dead to your old life), then rising again (new life). It is a symbolic water grave that we descend into and arise from.
  • Have been washed clean of your sins and forgiven by Jesus’ death on the cross.
  • Connected yourself to the community of faith called the Church.

Because Jesus instructed his followers to be baptized, baptism is also an act of obedience.
Others hold varying thoughts and traditions related to baptism, but we baptize by immersion at CFC because we see this as the only form of baptism illustrated in the Bible.

When Should Someone Be Baptized?

As soon as you have put your faith in Jesus you can, and should, be baptized. If you’re waiting until you’re perfect, you’ll never be ready.

What is the Process?

Our baptism process is easy. We ask that you attend a one hour class on baptism at CFC, when that is complete you meet with our leadership team and together, discuss if you are fully prepared for baptism. For more information, drop us an email at