Prayer Is Not A Destination By Phil Hernandez

It’s morning, and I have missed prayer. Again. No matter how hard I try, I don’t enjoy prayer. I know as a Christian it’s the right thing to do.  I just need to try harder. Or do I??

Myth #1—Trying harder at prayer is not what God wants from and for us.

What is prayer anyway? Maybe I should start there. I have heard it said that prayer is just talking with God. I should be able to do that. I talk to people all day.

Myth # 2— Just talk to God, but never really share your heart. And especially don’t ask God what is on His heart and mind.

 These two myths are commonly seen today. But prayer is not a destination, or a spiritual activity. It is a means to meet with God. If we settle
Reading the Wordfor doing a religious activity, we will miss the face of God and the very reason for which we were made. Think about it, the God of the universe desires to meet with us. He desires to have a relationship with us. And not just a relationship of passing fancy, or once in awhile, or when we are in trouble, but a deep knowing and sharing of hearts. He so wants to share His heart and thoughts with us.

So why do we struggle with prayer? Could it be that we are afraid that someone really wants to know us this deeply? What will He think if He truly knew me? If He knew my faults, my fears, my failures? Dear friend, He already does. In fact, I believe God is drawn to the weak and lowly of spirit. His Word says: 

“For though the LORD is exalted, Yet He regards the lowly,
but the haughty He knows from afar.” Psalm 138:6

So, what are we waiting for? The Bible already says that we do not know what to pray for. I believe that God is inviting us in these days to learn the language of the Kingdom of our God, the Word of God, and to pray His Word back to Him. He wants us to share our heart’s cry with Him, and to listen and hear His heart. He is asking us to ask Him, “Lord, teach me to pray.” If you say these words with your heart as well as your mouth, He will hear you and will answer you. I am excited about our God and what He is doing among us. He is drawing a people unto Himself. A people of prayer. For His house shall be a house of prayer.




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