Minnesota River Valley Conference

Come and join us for an incredible opportunity to hear from God. 

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  • David Smith says:

    At this conference was where I received an instant healing for tendentious that had been keeping me from using my right arm for playing guitar and many other things for five months, after an injury in May 2014. On Saturday night the last night of this conference the speaker Jerame Nelson released healing throughout the room and the constant pain in my arm dialed down to zero in just a few seconds. I wasn’t sure at first if I was really experiencing it, I kept trying things to make sure and then I went up and shared my testimony at that service.

    Since that night, I have continued to test this healing, for five months now by using my arm for many heavy duty tasks, such as hauling firewood and carrying boxes of ceramic floor tiles, and bags of concrete and the verdict is in, I was definitely healed that night.. All praise and honor belong to God, He is the Lord who heals us. And I was also able to return to playing guitar on the worship team and gave my testimony of thanks for this healing this morning at Covenant Family. A testimony is God’s indication that He can and will do it again.

    You can approach him right now, he is no respecter of persons, He wants to heal you too. Place your hand on your body where ever your problem has been manifesting pain or dysfunction.
    Say this out loud right now… Lord Jesus, we agree with you, you are the Lord who heals us you are our healer, we receive your healing in our bodies right NOW! And we thank you that you heal us. Amen.

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